Electronic drums have advanced so much in recent years. I decided to teach on my Roland kit in the studio as it was more volume friendly to new drummers. This also resulted in me getting a lot of dep gigs in wedding venues with limiters fitted.

I then looked at edrums and triggers etc, which lead me to Jobeky

After a few messages with Jane, when I had been asked to drum on A Slice of Saturday n night, I decided to buy triggers and mesh heads from them. The musical is set in the 60s in a ‘Cavern’ style venue, so using a Roland kit wouldn't have looked the part.

The next step was to buy a full Jobeky kit, which is the kit I use on all David Grahams gigs and musicals

"Every time I have messaged or spoken with Jane they have always given me great information and advice. They have have found their place in the market, delivering quality products at affordable prices. When ever I've needed help or something delivered urgently, they have never let me down"